Economize – Demystify Cloud Costs
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Hear a buzz on the phone? That’s us keeping your spend in check, with personalized budgets and alerts.

custom budgets

Create, track and manage budgets with real-time analytics.

  • Set up custom budgets in minutes
  • Stay informed with detailed cost reports
  • Decrease response rate when budget exceeds threshold
  • custom budgets
    Track any expenditure, small or big

    Custom budgets for resources accessible by the entire team? Say no more.

  • Formulate budgets for resources and projects
  • Keep an eye on costs, usage and reservations with custom budget strategies
  • Easier access, with no requirement of logging into the management console
    Threshold alert

    Unusual thresholds? We got your back with instant alerts.

    Streamline rightsizing goals when budgets are forecasted to exceed or be underutilized

    Threshold alerts
    Accurate recommendations

    If your goal is to save that $$$, let us do it for you.

  • Better optimization of budgets with accurate representation
  • Smoother prediction and budget planning
  • Quick recommendations to identify areas of inefficiency
  • Cost-effective operation, made easier
  • budget recommendations