Economize Case Study - Kawa Space
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Kawa Space is a space-tech company that analyses satellite data to generate insights for a variety of usecases such as high resolution imagery, geospatial insights, complex models involving farm edge detection, crop classification, population density.
What was the problem?
Given their deep tech workloads, they run a lot of machine learning models to leverage these data and generate insights. Since these workloads are computationally intensive, they opted to go with public cloud for running their resources. As Kawa Space grew and as they required a large amount of resources, it became difficult for their engineering team to keep track of the significantly increasing cloud cost. They ran their workloads in Google Cloud Platform for its various projects and environments (such as staging, production) with event-driven microservice application architecture. When their cloud credits got exhausted, it became challenging for the cloud team to constantly have an eye on their cloud costs.

Organization View

See all of your cloud spend data in one place, giving you a complete picture of your cloud financial health. Easily track and manage your costs at the organizational level, and make informed decisions with our aggregated view.


Gain a holistic view of your cloud costs by bringing together all spend data from different cloud environments into one place, making it easier to track and manage your costs. With our aggregated view, you can get a complete picture of your cloud financial health and make informed decisions. Always stay on top of your cloud costs and pilot it like a pro.


Explorer feature allows users to view all of their cloud resources in one place, making it easy to identify and manage underutilized or unnecessary assets. This can help users optimize their cloud spending by eliminating unnecessary resources, reducing their overall costs and maximizing the value of their investments.


Incidents notify users of unusual or unexpected cloud spending patterns, allowing them to address potential issues before they become major financial problems. This can help users avoid unexpected cost spikes and ensure that their cloud spending stays within budget.


The Recommendations feature suggests ways for users to optimize their cloud resources, increasing the efficiency of their usage, which can lead to cost savings. By identifying and addressing underutilized resources, users can reduce the number of resources they are paying for without losing performance or functionality.


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How did they try to solve the problem?
As the cost of the idle resources started going high and they used the default billing consoles of Google Cloud to understand their growing costs. While these dashboards are powerful, they are ineffective for tracking cloud costs across numerous projects, and labels. Kawa Space was unable to determine the costs of many services or resources that were in use. They were infact unaware that certain projects had even been existing with active workloads costing them. Their problem of scattered resources is one that many companies experience as they grow and change.
Key Results
Cost Observability
Enabled their engineering team of 10 to pinpoint why their cost went up.
Efficient Cloud spend
Go-to source for gaining insights into their cloud costs, and allowing them to track and optimise costs across all projects.
Cost Monitoring
Visualising their cloud expenditure and tracking down their cost spike.
“It’s really great working with the team and the best part is Economize does not require any agent installation and we have no problems at all with the usage of the platform.”
Kevin Priest, Senior
Director, The Kawa Space
How did Economize solve their problem?
It’s critical to have monitoring and cost observability of the resources that they run readily available to enable their engineering team of 10 to pinpoint why their cost went up. Economize has become their go-to source for gaining insights into their cloud costs, and allowing them to track and optimise costs across all projects. Economize has become integral for the team at Kawa Space in visualizing their cloud expenditure and tracking down their cost spike. Their engineering team leverages Economize's recommendations to perform cost reduction exercises on their cloud resources to lower their spend. Aside from costs, Kawa Space uses timely Slack cost reports to enforce best practices and keep teams updated on their cloud spend.
About Kawa Space
Industry: Space-tech
Geo: North America
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