Economize – Demystify Cloud Costs
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If the Peter Parker cloud principle existed, then, with right optimizations, come informed decisions.

VM Rightsizing

Data powered recommendations, for that boost in efficiency.

  • Smart recommendations powered by data and analytics
  • Help accurately right size your VMs across the portfolio
  • VM Rightsizing
    Effective resource management

    No hidden expenditures, or bills that leave a gasp.

  • Identify and consolidate idle resources
  • Unblock capitals that can drive your expenditure towards growth
  • Resources utilization
    Personalized cloud plans

    Why choose from a starter, premium and pro, when you have personalized storage plans?

    Choose the right storage classes that fit your budget and needs

    Storage optimization
    Container Management

    Right-sizing Kubernetes requests and limits.

  • Regain balance in fragmented clusters
  • No additional overhead on requests and limits
  • Make informed, strategic, business decisions
  • Container Management
    Manage discounts

    Savings with discounts, right to your pocket.

  • Solid strategies for reservations and other vender discounts
  • Confined to your actual usage
  • Discount Management