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Introducing deadlines that we love to complete. Timely reports with complete transparency on cloud expenditure.

Accuracy, to a dot

Timely, accurate reports for data in all dimensions.

  • Keep track of all your resources, in real time
  • Group cost reports team wise, component wise and so on
  • Accurate reports
    Scheduled expenditure reports

    TGIF sounds better with us cutting some slack off. Here’s to detailed cost reports, on a weekly and monthly basis.

  • Gather insights on accountability and raise awareness on cloud spend
  • Detailed weekly and monthly cost data
  • Add or update configurations based on business requirements
  • Scheduled access
    Delivering reports, at your workstation

    Email or Slack? How about both?

  • Analyse your cloud usage at higher levels
  • Real time cost data, delivered right to your Inbox or Slack channels
  • Popular apps
    A to-do list, backed by reports

    Gain hidden insights with reports coupled with action items to perform.

  • Gain a new way of intercepting reports, with action items
  • Unlock new values in cloud cost optimization
  • Report Actions