AWS Savings Plan Pricing Calculator

Savings Plans offer discounted rates on AWS services like EC2, Lambda, and Fargate. Use the AWS Savings Plans calculator to determine your required commitment for 1 or 3 years.
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Directions:Select your desired Instance-Type, Region, No of Instances, and their Usage Duration to compare the estimated Monthly Costs for on-demand usage and 1-year Savings Plan, helping you find the most cost-effective cloud computing solution.

AWS Compute Savings Plan Calculator

Instance TypeRegion No of InstancesInstance usage (in days)

No data

Details Of Total Instances Cost

with On-Demand Pricing$ 0
with Savings Plan (1 yr) save ↓0%
$ 0
with Savings Plan (3 yrs) save ↓0%
$ 0

About AWS Pricing Calculator

This AWS Pricing Calculator is a product of Economize, utilizing data obtained from official product documentation and pricing information as of today. If you have any feedback, updates, or corrections to contribute, please reach out to us at Your input helps us maintain accurate and up-to-date pricing information for our users.

What is an AWS pricing calculator?

Our AWS Pricing Calculator is a valuable tool designed to empower you with insights into Amazon Web Services (AWS) pricing, helping you make informed decisions for your cloud infrastructure.

The calculator enables you to input your specific usage requirements, including the services, regions, and resource quantities. It then generates a cost estimate tailored to your needs, allowing you to fine-tune your cloud resources and optimize your AWS expenditure.

Take control of your cloud costs and maximize your AWS investment with our intuitive pricing calculator.

How to Use this AWS Pricing Cost Calculator

  1. Select the Amazon Web Services (AWS) services you are interested in from the list provided in the drop-down menu.
  2. Specify your preferred region or regions where you plan to utilize AWS services.
  3. Enter the estimated quantity for each selected service to reflect your usage needs.
  4. The calculator will provide you with a cost estimate based on your selections, allowing you to see the projected cost of using AWS for your specific requirements.
  5. You can adjust the quantities and regions to compare different configurations and pricing options.
  6. Explore the detailed breakdown to understand how different services contribute to the overall cost of your AWS usage.
  7. Use this information to make informed decisions and optimize your AWS usage to meet your budget and performance goals.

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