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Stay on top of your cloud costs by getting notifications when unexpected spikes in spending occur. You can quickly identify and investigate any unusual activity, so you can take action to keep your costs under control.

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Proactive cost management

Incidents notify users of unusual or unexpected cloud spending patterns, allowing them to address potential issues before they become major financial problems. This can help users avoid unexpected cost spikes and ensure that their cloud spending stays within budget.

Increased transparency and accountability

With Incidents, users can easily identify and investigate potential issues, promoting transparency and accountability across their organization. With the ability to drill down into specific areas of their cloud spending, users can quickly identify which departments, projects, or services are driving unexpected costs.

Improved financial forecasting

Incidents can help users identify trends in their cloud spending, allowing them to make more accurate predictions about future costs and perform better budgeting and financial planning. Users can use the Incidents to identify patterns in their spending, such as seasonal fluctuations or changes in usage over time.

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Obtain a bird’s-eye view of your entire organization’s costs and drill down to an organization, or a project, a billing account, or as granular as a tag.


Track and resolve incidents related to your cloud infrastructure in real time. Investigate the root cause of your unexpected spikes and drops, so you can bounce back stronger.


Easily browse and manage your cloud assets, including virtual machines, storage, and networking resources, to gain visibility into your infrastructure and optimize utilization.


Receive personalized recommendations for reducing cloud costs and improving efficiency based on your usage patterns and cost drivers.


Stay informed about important events, such as budget thresholds, resource utilization, and performance issues, with customizable notification alerts.

Organization View

Gain a comprehensive view of your entire cloud organization, including multiple accounts, regions, and resources, to better understand and manage your costs.

Account Management

With the ability to invite team members, set up multiple environments, and link projects & accounts, you can easily track and manage your costs at scale.


Utilize advanced forecasting tools to predict your future cloud costs, allowing you to plan and allocate your budget more effectively.

Budget Management

Set and track budgets for your cloud costs, receiving alerts when yiu are approaching or exceeding your budget limits.

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Real-time cost monitoring
Economize provides real-time visibility into your cloud spending, allowing you to identify and address cost inefficiencies as they occur.
Optimized resource allocation
With advanced algorithms you can optimize your resource allocation, ensuring that you're only paying for the resources you actually need.
Automated cost savings
Identify and eliminate waste in your cloud infrastructure, such as idle resources or underutilized resources.

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