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Economize empowers your business to optimize cloud costs and maximize efficiency. Our partnership offers tailored tools and expert insights, enabling you to achieve significant savings and drive growth.

For MSPs

Economize enables managed service providers (MSPs) with cutting-edge tools to drive business growth, boost profit margins, and consistently enhance the value delivered to their clients.

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Support for multiple organisations

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For Tech Partners

Unlock unified solution capabilities for your organization through strategic partnerships, leveraging tailored offerings, co-branded assets, and actionable data-driven insights.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Strategic technology collaboration

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For FinOps Partner

Streamline cloud cost management and deliver value with expertise in technology, sales, and customer support for optimized cloud spending and reliable client solutions.

Priority Support

Audit log and data history

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You can count on Economize to help you…

Increase Margins

Your dedicated partner in generating detailed cost reports and aligning expenses with your business goals to maximize profitability.

Optimize Cloud Spending

Efficiently analyze resource utilization and make data-driven decisions on resource allocation and cost management, ensuring every dollar spent is maximized.

Centralize Customer Management

Stay informed with notifications on potential cost savings and spending trends, enabling proactive management and preventing unexpected cost escalations.

Trusted and loved by partners all over the world

Anomaly Alerts helped us in discovering the cost spike in networking. If we hadn't caught that on time, it could have costed us a lot of money by the end of the month."

Vishnu Jayadevan

Engineering Manager

Trusted by industries
Trusted by brands across industries, geographies, and sizes, in the B2B markets for cloud optimization
Security you can trust
As a cloud data company, we understand the importance of keeping your company’s data secure.