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Economize named a G2 leader in three categories

Economize achieves G2 leadership across three categories, a testament to our excellence in cost optimization and innovation

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You can count on Economize to help you…

⚡ Your personal aid

Personal FinOps Assistant
A personal sidekick by your side to help you generate ridiculously beautiful cost reports, relate your spend to your business metrics.
Insights on your spend
Analyze resource utilization and make informed decisions on resource allocation and cost management.   Recommendations to maximize the value for every dollar you pay.
Monitoring for spikes
Notify you of potential cost savings or when your spending is trending in an unexpected direction, allowing you to take action before costs spiral out of control.

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Why Economize


Your personal cost-saving concierge, providing tailored suggestions for optimizing your cloud costs. Discover the hidden optimization signals that your cloud provider is missing and cut cloud costs like a pro.

Organization View

Dive deep into the nitty-gritty details of your cloud costs, giving you the insight you need to make smart decisions and optimize your spending

Potential Savings

Get a detailed breakdown of your estimated cost savings for each recommendation, giving you a clear understanding of the potential impact on your bottom line.

Asset Inventory

Keep track of all your assets in one centralized location and watch your savings soar. Additionally, use tags and custom attributes to organize and categorize assets.

Root cause Analysis

The detective you need to uncover the underlying reasons for unexpected cost spikes and prevent them from happening again.

Real-time Monitoring

The pulse of your cloud spend. Stay informed of any unexpected incidents and take action immediately to prevent overspending. No more surprise bills - just peace of mind.

Cost Comparison

Easily identify and track the expenses of specific services and resources within your larger cloud environment, making it simple to optimize and reduce overall costs.

Cost Timeline

Track your changes in cloud costs over time and address unexpected cost spikes in your spending. Gain the control and peace of mind you need and make informed decisions.

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