How Economize helps Apna slash their cloud costs by 30%

The tangible outcomes of implementing Economize translated into substantial cost reductions, improved financial management, and enhanced operational efficiency for Apna.

"One of the most impactful aspects of Economize for us was its ability to provide quick feedback and pinpoint inefficiencies within our cloud spending. It helped us focus on key areas that needed attention, ultimately allowing us to significantly optimize our cloud infrastructure.”

Suresh Kumar Khemka

Head of Platform Engineering & Infrastructure, Apna


Apna is India’s #1 jobs platform. Founded in 2019, Apna follows a tech-driven approach to use the power of communities and enable access to better jobs and entrepreneurship for millions of its users. Apna users get access to local job opportunities, network with peers, practice for interviews, share their accomplishments, and gain new skills. The platform has onboarded over 40mn users and 545k employers. The platform's data-science-led algorithm matches candidates with employers taking into account their skills and experience. This has enabled employers and recruiters to solve for trust, relevancy, and candidate volume. Several of India’s leading companies, such as Zomato, Burger King, Bharti-AXA, Delhivery, Teamlease, G4S Global, Shadowfax, and Tata 1MG rely on Apna to address their most urgent and critical hiring needs.


Apna faced significant challenges in managing and optimizing its cloud spending efficiently. The company lacked a systematic approach to track and analyze their cloud costs, leading to a lack of visibility into inefficiencies and areas for cost reduction. With a rapidly growing user base and expanding engineering operations, Apna struggled to identify unused resources, control escalating expenses, and make informed decisions regarding their cloud infrastructure. The absence of real-time feedback and comprehensive insights into their cloud billing details made it challenging to proactively address cost issues. This lack of clarity and control over their cloud expenditure hindered their ability to allocate resources effectively and optimize their cloud infrastructure.


Economize provided Apna with a centralized platform that offered real-time visibility into their cloud spending across various services and resources. By utilizing monitoring and reporting tools, Apna gained granular insights into their usage patterns, identifying underutilized instances, unused storage, and other inefficiencies that were impacting their expenses. The platform's detailed analytics enabled them to track spending at a micro-level, attributing costs to specific projects, services, or SKUs, facilitating more accurate budgeting and resource allocation.

Moreover, recommendations suggested areas for cost reduction and efficiency improvement. This included guidance on rightsizing instances, implementing committed used discounts, and identifying redundant resources. Also, customizable alerts and notifications allowed them to set thresholds for spending, enabling proactive cost control measures and preventing budget overruns.

Recommendations shown in Economize console

With easy-to-understand reports and dashboards the company facilitated better collaboration and decision-making within engineering and finance teams. This helped in fostering a culture of cost consciousness across the organization, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions aligned with the company's financial goals.


Through the platform's utilization, Apna witnessed remarkable outcomes in its cloud cost optimization efforts. Initially facing a very high cloud expenditure, the implementation of Economize resulted in substantial improvements, slashing their expenses by around 30%. This reduction in costs was achieved through meticulous rightsizing of instances, efficient resource allocation, and the identification and elimination of unused and underutilized resources. The platform's detailed analytics and insights enabled them to accurately track and attribute costs, allowing for better budget allocation and forecasting.


Information and Technology

Company Size

500-1000 employees


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India