How ShopUp gained better visibility into their cloud costs

The newly found clarity through Reports feature enabled ShopUp in better decision-making and resource allocation strategies across their diverse projects.

"Economize helped us in noticing and rectifying an issue that might have gone unnoticed if we just relied on the Google Cloud console."

Aswinth Rs

SRE, ShopUp


ShopUp is Bangladesh's leading full-stack B2B commerce platform for small businesses (online and offline). They provide easy access to B2B sourcing, last-mile logistics, digital credit, and business management solutions to small businesses. ShopUp Store is a free platform that allows its users an easy start to their online business. With Store, users can easily create their website in minutes, track their orders, and keep a record of their earnings. ShopUp Reseller allows users to start their business without any investment. Users can avail products at the lowest price in the market and resell them to their customers with the help of ShopUp.

The Challenge

Before using Economize, ShopUp encountered challenges in effectively managing and analyzing their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) costs and resource usage. As Aswinth from ShopUp mentioned, "We were facing difficulties in handling data analysis and reporting related to namespaces, labels, and Kubernetes clusters." The team struggled with manual processes, using tools like MetaBase, and faced issues with complex data handling and reporting.

They lacked comprehensive visibility into their project-wise costs and metrics, which made it cumbersome to track expenses and resource allocation across multiple projects efficiently. Additionally, they had difficulties in promptly identifying cost-related issues, leading to instances where costs surged due to blind spots.

The Solution

Economize significantly enhanced ShopUp's capabilities by simplifying data analysis concerning namespaces, labels, and Kubernetes clusters. The platform's dashboard offered a comprehensive view, facilitating better decision-making and resource allocation strategies across ShopUp's diverse projects. Prompt detection and resolution of cost anomalies proved pivotal in maintaining financial efficiency, averting unforeseen cost escalations, and optimizing resource utilization.

Unit Cost Metrics feature in Economize console

By leveraging the Reports feature, ShopUp navigated from relying on manual extraction of data through GCP reports into Excel sheets to a more streamlined and efficient process. Economize facilitated detailed insights into cloud costs, offering comprehensive metrics that allowed ShopUp to identify trends, fluctuations, and high-cost areas within their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) projects. Specifically, Nagarjuna (Head of SRE, ShopUp) mentioned that Economize's analytics shed light on significant increases—ranging from 25% to 40% in Google BigQuery costs. This visibility empowered ShopUp to reevaluate its usage patterns and explore alternative, cost-effective solutions to BigQuery.


ShopUp experienced several positive outcomes in their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cost management and resource utilization. The platform's streamlined approach significantly enhanced ShopUp's ability to analyze various services at once. This newfound clarity enabled better decision-making and resource allocation strategies across their diverse projects.

Through prompt identification and resolution of cost anomalies helped ShopUp maintain financial efficiency, preventing unexpected cost surges and optimizing resource utilization. The platform's user-friendly interface and advanced features, such as Reports simplified complex data analysis, empowering ShopUp with a more efficient and organized means of tracking costs and resource usage.


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Dhaka, Bangladesh