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Popular Features

Automated Cost Optimization

Save on cloud costs by automatically identifying idle or underutilized resources, optimizing reserved instances, and recommending cost-saving measures.

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Customizable Budgeting and Alerts

Set custom budget thresholds and receive alerts when you approach or exceed them, helping you stay on top of your cloud spending and avoid unexpected charges.

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Detailed Cost Analytics and Reporting

Economize provides detailed cost analytics and reporting, giving you insights into your cloud spending across different services, regions, and usage patterns.

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Get a clear, comprehensive view of your cloud costs with our detailed reports. You can drill down into specific areas of spending, and see how your costs are changing over time.

Get a clear and detailed breakdown of costs by services, resources, or labels to make informed decisions to optimize your cloud spending.

Bring your cloud cost data to life with interactive and intuitive charts for better decision making.

Slice and dice your cloud cost data to uncover insights and make informed decisions.

Stay on top of your cloud costs by getting notifications when unexpected spikes in spending occur. You can quickly identify and investigate any unusual activity, so you can take action to keep your costs under control.

Stay on top of your cloud expenses, in real-time, with our dynamic monitoring feature.

Uncover hidden cloud cost surprises before they become a problem.

Drill down to the source of your cloud cost issues with a single click.

Get a comprehensive view of your cloud assets and usage. Easily navigate and understand your cloud environment, identify underutilized resources, and make informed decisions about scaling and optimization.

View the monthly cost of specific projects and services used in an interactive sunburst chart.

Track every asset in your cloud environment for complete visibility and control.

Gain insight into the exact cost of each cloud resource, down to the unit level.

Economize’s Recommendations Engine allows you to discover the hidden optimization signals that your cloud provider is missing. The shown insights help cloud infrastructure teams cut their cloud costs like a pro.

Optimize your cloud spending with actionable cost savings recommendations.

Track and revisit your saved cost optimization recommendations for a more efficient cloud environment.

See the potential impact of your cost optimization actions with real-time estimates of your potential savings.

Have the visibility and control you need to confidently manage your cloud costs and optimize your spending. Set custom thresholds and receive notifications when your costs exceed them, giving you the power to take immediate action.

Get notified when cloud spend exceeds the set configuration.

Receive detailed cost analysis showcasing spending patterns and trends.

Seamlessly integrate your cloud cost management platform with other tools for a streamlined workflow.

Say farewell to high cloud costs and hello to savings!

Tired of cloud costs that are sky-high? Economize to the rescue!

On average, users save 30% on their cloud bills and enjoy a reduction in engineering efforts. It's like finding money in your couch cushions, but better!