How DeepSource identified underutilized resources in its GCP projects

DeepSource observed tangible outcomes in cost reduction. Utilizing weekly check-ins and cost alerts, they identified underutilized resources and decreased their cloud costs.

"Anomaly Alerts helped us in discovering the cost spike in networking. If we hadn't caught that on time, it could have costed us a lot of money by the end of the month."

Vishnu Jayadevan

Engineering Manager, DeepSource

About DeepSource

DeepSource is an automated code review tool that helps developers write better code by finding and automatically fixing bugs and defects before the code is pushed to production. It integrates with popular code hosting platforms like GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc. and points the problems in the code to the developers every time they push changes or make a pull-request. DeepSource finds issues like bug risks, anti-patterns, security vulnerabilities, performance problems, style violations, documentation gaps, and deficiency of test coverage in source code.

The Challenge

The main challenge that DeepSource faced lay in the inefficiencies within their projects, which led to increased costs. They struggled with over-provisioned infrastructures that were optimized for large repositories, ultimately resulting in significant underutilization of resources.

This oversight had caused a notable spike in costs. Furthermore, they also found it hard to regularly monitor the costs and had been missing out on important details that had been costing them heavily.

The Solution

DeepSource leveraged Economize for proactive cost management. They appreciated the platform's ability to monitor various resource types and delve into granular analysis using labels. Weekly check-ins via slack reports had provided valuable insights, allowing them to closely monitor expenditures.

Weekly cost summary sent in slack

Additionally, they used the Incidents feature regularly to track and address unexpected cost spikes in real time. This approach significantly contributed to substantial cost savings by identifying issues that might have gone unnoticed otherwise.

Incidents feature in Economize console


As a result of their proactive measures and strategic utilization of Economize, DeepSource experienced a notable transformation in their cloud costs. By addressing inefficiencies in project configurations and leveraging monitoring capabilities, they achieved a substantial decrease in monthly expenditures.

By streamlining projects and utilizing various tools for granular analysis and real-time incident resolution proved instrumental in optimizing resource utilization. The weekly insights provided by Slack reports enabled a more comprehensive overview of expenditures, allowing for informed decision-making.



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