Hasura achieves multi-cloud cost optimization and governance with Economize

Discover how Hasura, a rapidly growing tech company, overcame challenges in managing cloud costs across multiple providers by implementing Economize as their centralized multi-cloud cost management solution.

“Economize reports allowed us to effortlessly dissect cost drivers and uncover hidden inefficiencies, thanks to insightful recommendations. The weekly slack reports kept us informed, ensuring we stay ahead of any unexpected spikes in our cloud expenditure. It's truly indispensable for optimizing our resources and maximizing savings.”

Tom Skawinski

Sr. Director, Hasura

About Hasura

Founded in 2017 by Tanmai Gopal and Rajoshi Ghosh, Hasura is an open-source platform that offers host of solutions designed to make web application development faster. It makes data access easy by instantly composing a ‘GraphQL API’ (application programming interface) that is backed by databases and services so that the developer team (or API consumers) can improve their productivity and make improved iterations.

Challenges faced by Hasura

  1. Increasing cloud costs: Hasura, a fast-growing tech company, was experiencing escalating costs associated with their multi-cloud infrastructure.
  2. Complexity of multi-cloud management: With operations spread across multiple cloud platforms, managing and optimizing costs became increasingly challenging for Hasura's team.
  3. Lack of visibility and control: The absence of a centralized cost management tool made it difficult for Hasura to gain comprehensive insights into their cloud spending, leading to inefficiencies and overspending.


  1. Adoption of Economize as a centralized tool: Hasura opted for Economize, to streamline their cloud cost management processes.
  2. Integration and data aggregation: Economize integrated seamlessly with Hasura's existing cloud infrastructure, aggregating cost data from major cloud providers like GCP, AWS and Azure into a single dashboard.
  3. Cost optimization strategies: Economize empowered Hasura with cost optimization strategies, such as rightsizing instances, and identifying unused resources, tailored to their specific cloud usage patterns.
  4. Proactive alerts and weekly slack reports: Hasura utilized notification feature to receive alerts and weekly slack reports highlighting cost anomalies, and budget overruns. These notifications enabled Hasura's team to stay informed in real-time and take prompt actions to address any cost-related issues.
  5. Comprehensive reporting capabilities: The platform empowered Hasura’s team with comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing them to generate detailed cost reports and analytics across their multi-cloud environment. These reports provided valuable insights into cost allocation, resource utilization, and cost-saving opportunities, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning for their cloud infrastructure.

Outcomes achieved

  1. Significant cost reductions: By leveraging the actionable recommendations, Hasura witnessed substantial reductions in their cloud expenditure, optimizing their costs without compromising performance or scalability.
  2. Enhanced visibility and control: The platform provided Hasura with granular visibility into their cloud spending through reports, enabling them to identify cost drivers, track usage trends, and implement targeted cost-saving measures effectively.
  3. Streamlined multi-cloud management: With Economize serving as a centralized tool for cost management, Hasura achieved streamlined operations across multiple cloud platforms, simplifying monitoring, reporting, and governance processes.


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San Francisco, California