How Animall drilled down into its GCP projects costs

By using features like reports and notifications, Animall achieved a comprehensive understanding of their cloud expenditures, empowering them to optimize resources and manage costs efficiently.


Animall is a top-tier VC-funded startup building an online platform to empower millions of dairy farmers, ushering in the next digital white revolution!

Their vision is to build efficiencies in the dairy ecosystem in India using technology, data science, and design. They are building products and services for the next billion people, who have fundamentally different wants and needs.


Animall faced a pressing issue centered on its cloud service billing. The challenge layed in dissecting and identifying the various SKUs contributing to the total cost of their VMs over the past few months. The reliance on the GCP billing console was proving inefficient in drilling down to specific details, hindering the team's ability to manage costs effectively.


The Slack-based reports empowered the team, particularly the analytics division, enabling better control over cloud expenses. The integration with BigQuery facilitated in-depth analysis, while the ability to set customizable alerts allowed for proactive cost management.


The collaboration with Economize has been fruitful, the team benefited from ongoing product education through weekly newsletters and free resources, resulting in a more informed and efficient approach to managing cloud expenses.


Software Development

Company Size

50-100 employees


Bangalore, Karnataka, India