Kawa Space

How Kawa Space optimized its expenses in GCP projects

Discover how tools like aerial view and weekly reports, empowered Kawa Space to identify overlooked projects and clusters, enabling proactive measures to curtail unnecessary expenses.

"Integration with Economize was smooth and easy. Cost breakdowns with the pie charts helped identify areas of high cost across multiple projects and the weekly reports with anomaly alerts also helped to identify the inefficiencies in real time."

Kaustubh Babar

Senior Software Engineer


Founded by Kris Nair in 2018, Kawa Space is an Indian space-tech company that builds critical earth observation infra for the new world.

From tasking a high-resolution image satellite to generating ELINT insights for their customer area of interest, Kawa Space products help NatSec teams of all sizes work with satellite data in a much more cost-effective and efficient manner.


The idle costs were skyrocketing, leading to the exhaustion of credits. Despite the escalating expenses, there was no proactive investigation into the workloads or a comprehensive understanding of the utilized services within their infrastructure.

Before employing our platform, the company attempted to tackle the problem by resorting to default dashboards. However, these dashboards failed to provide the necessary insights into the costs associated with various services or offer detailed breakdowns, leaving the issue unresolved.


The provision of weekly reports became instrumental in pinpointing why costs surged, enabling the company to address these spikes proactively. Particularly appreciated features were the Aerial View and Reports, which significantly aided in visualizing expenses and understanding usage patterns.


The adoption of Economize introduced a significant shift for Kawa Space. It shed light on previously unidentified workloads, notably highlighting the existence of overlooked clusters.


Defense and Space Manufacturing

Company Size

10-50 employees


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India