Resource Management

The process of managing the usage of resources in a cloud environment, including compute, storage, and network resources.

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What is Resource Management in cloud computing?

In cloud computing, resource management refers to the process of managing the usage of resources in a cloud environment. This includes compute resources (like CPU and memory), storage resources (like disk space), and network resources (like bandwidth).

  • Resource management is crucial for optimizing the performance and cost of a cloud environment.
  • It involves monitoring resource usage, allocating resources, and managing resource capacity.

How does Resource Management work?

Resource management works by monitoring the usage of resources, allocating resources to applications and services based on their needs, and managing the capacity of resources to ensure they are used efficiently.

  • It can involve automated tools and systems to help manage resources effectively.
  • It's a key part of ensuring high performance and cost-effectiveness in a cloud environment.

Resource Management Example


Omega Inc. needs a centralized DNS management system to resolve internal domain names across its various AWS accounts and on-premises infrastructure. It aims to set up a system that allows on-premises clients to resolve cloud resources and vice versa without manual intervention in DNS management across these environments.


The company  implements a solution using AWS Service Catalog and Customizations for Control Tower. They create a Service Catalog Portfolio that includes three Amazon Route 53 products—Outbound DNS, Inbound DNS, and Private DNS. This portfolio is then shared across the organization's AWS accounts using AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM).

AWS Resource Management, Access manager, DNS, Route 53, Services, IAM Access

The provided architecture diagram would illustrate the interaction between the Networking Hub and spoke accounts. It would show the flow from provisioning Service Catalog products in spoke accounts to the authorization and association in the Networking Hub account, facilitated by AWS Lambda and SNS topics, with a database recording all mappings for easy management and auditing.

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