A language designed to query collections of XML data

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What is XQuery in cloud computing?

XQuery, or XML Query, is a language designed to query collections of XML data. It's used in cloud computing for data extraction and manipulation, and for performing computations on XML data.

  • XQuery can provide a powerful and flexible way to query XML data, allowing for complex queries and computations.
  • It's also standardized and platform-independent, making it a reliable choice for querying XML data across different systems and technologies.

How does XQuery work?

XQuery works by providing a syntax for querying XML data. This syntax allows for complex queries, including filtering, sorting, and aggregating data, as well as performing computations on the data.

  • XQuery can be used to query both local and remote XML data.
  • It can also be used to transform XML data into other formats, such as HTML or plain text.

XQuery Example

A cloud service provider, CloudServe, uses XQuery to extract and manipulate data from their XML-based configuration files. This allows them to easily query and update their configuration data, improving the efficiency and flexibility of their operations.

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