KMS (Key Management Service)

A managed service that makes it easy for you to create and control the cryptographic keys used to encrypt your data.

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What is Key Management Service (KMS) in cloud computing?

Key Management Service (KMS) is a cloud service that helps you manage cryptographic keys for your cloud services. It's used to create, control, and rotate the encryption keys used to secure data.

  • KMS is integrated with other cloud services, making it easier to encrypt data and manage keys.
  • It provides an audit trail so you can see who used which keys, on which resources, and when.

How does Key Management Service (KMS) work?

KMS works by providing a centralized control point to manage cryptographic keys. When a user or service needs to encrypt or decrypt data, they make a request to KMS, which performs the operation and logs the access.

  • KMS can automatically handle key rotation, reducing the risk of a key being compromised.
  • It enforces access controls to ensure that only authorized users can use a key.

Key Management Service (KMS) Example

A company might use KMS to manage the encryption keys for their customer database. When a customer's data is saved, the application makes a request to KMS to encrypt the data.

  • KMS encrypts the data and returns it to the application, which then stores the encrypted data in the database.
  • When the data needs to be read, the application requests KMS to decrypt it.

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