A metadata system used to organize, track, and manage resources in a cloud environment.

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What is Tagging in cloud computing?

Tagging in cloud computing is a feature that allows users to assign metadata to their cloud resources. These tags, which consist of a key and a value, make it easier to manage, search for, and filter resources.

  • Tagging can help to manage resources effectively, especially in large-scale cloud environments.
  • It can also assist in cost allocation by tracking resource usage based on tags.

How does Tagging work?

Tagging works by allowing users to assign custom metadata to their cloud resources.

  • Users can create tags that represent business categories (such as cost centers, application names, or owners) and assign them to resources.
  • These tags can then be used to quickly find and manage resources, or to report on cost usage.

Tagging Example

A company, CloudCorp, has hundreds of virtual machines (VMs) running in the cloud. To manage these VMs more effectively, they use tags to indicate the owner, purpose, and environment for each VM. This makes it easier to track costs and manage resources.

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