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Stay on top of your cloud spending with customizable alerts that notify you of potential overages, budget thresholds, and more. Never miss a cost-saving opportunity again!

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Real-time Alerts
Stay informed and in control of your cloud costs with real-time alerts delivered straight to your inbox or dashboard.
Customizable Notifications
Tailor the alerts to your specific needs and preferences, setting notifications for budget thresholds, overages, and other important events.
Proactive Management
Take control of your cloud spending with our Alert feature, proactively identifying and addressing potential cost issues before they become major problems.


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Integration channels

Seamlessly connect and integrate your preferred communication channels, such as Slack, email, and more.


Get a comprehensive view of your cloud expenses, giving you a clear understanding of where your money is going.


Easily visualize and manage your resources across multiple levels, from individual services to entire departments. Gain a clear understanding of your resource utilization, streamline your infrastructure, and make informed decisions with the help of the Hierarchy.

Say farewell to high cloud costs and hello to savings!

Tired of cloud costs that are sky-high? Economize to the rescue!

On average, users save 30% on their cloud bills and enjoy a reduction in engineering efforts. It's like finding money in your couch cushions, but better!

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