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Organization View

See how much you’re spending at the organization level, as well as drill down to view costs at the project or billing account level. This granular view allows you to track your costs in real-time and identify areas for optimization.

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Get a Clear Picture of Your Cloud Costs

See all of your cloud spend data in one place, giving you a complete picture of your cloud financial health. Easily track and manage your costs at the organizational level, and make informed decisions with our aggregated view.

Streamline Cloud Management

View and manage all of your cloud costs by organization, making it easy to see where resources are being allocated and where you can make cost-saving changes. Streamline your cloud management and make data-driven decisions with our powerful tool.

Gain Complete Visibility

Have complete visibility into your cloud costs at the organizational level. Easily identify areas of inefficiency, track resource usage, and make informed decisions about your cloud spend.

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Your personal cost-saving concierge, providing tailored suggestions for optimizing your cloud costs. Discover the hidden optimization signals like a pro.


Organization View

Dive deep into the nitty-gritty details of your cloud costs, giving you the insight you need to make.

Potential Savings

Get a detailed breakdown of your estimated cost savings for each recommendation, giving you a clear understanding of the potential impact on your bottom line.

Asset Inventory

Keep track of all your assets in one centralized location and watch your savings soar.

Root cause Analysis

The detective you need to uncover the underlying reasons for unexpected cost spikes.

Cost Timeline

Track your changes in cloud costs over time and address unexpected cost spikes in your spending.

Cost Comparison

Easily identify and track the expenses of services & resources to optimize overall costs across your cloud.

Real-time Monitoring

The pulse of your cloud spend. Stay informed of any unexpected incidents and take action immediately to prevent overspending. No more surprise bills - just peace of mind.

Get a clear picture of your cloud costs

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Easily connect Economize with your cloud services and start managing costs in minutes. No IT consultants or specialized training required.
Intuitive control
Navigate and control costs with ease using Economize's intuitive and elegant user interface. Get real-time visibility into your spending and identify cost-saving opportunities in seconds.
Easy to manage
Fine-tune your cloud cost strategy on the fly with real-time cost management tools. Track spending by service, region, and resource to optimize your cloud budget.

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