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Asset Inventory

Keep track of all your assets in one centralized location and watch your savings soar. Additionally, use tags and custom attributes to organize and categorize assets

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Make informed decisions that reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Asset Discovery
Uncover previously unknown resources and gain a comprehensive understanding of your cloud infrastructure, including resource types and utilization rates.
Cost Optimization
Utilize the insights gained to optimize your cloud cost management strategy by identifying and addressing underutilized resources, reducing waste, and maximizing cost savings.
Real-time Tracking
Monitor your cloud infrastructure in real-time, providing the ability to quickly identify and address issues as they arise.


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Unit Costs

Obtain the unit-level costs of your resources in a structured format. Know the exact cost of a static IP address or a Kubernetes cluster and estimate your TCO.

Labels & Tag Manager

Easily create, manage and organize labels and tags to help track and categorize cloud resources to make better decisions about your cloud costs.

Recommendation Types

Your personal cost-saving concierge, providing tailored suggestions for optimizing your cloud costs. Discover the hidden optimization signals that your cloud provider is missing and cut cloud costs like a pro.

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