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Anomaly Detection

Uncover hidden costs by detecting unexpected spikes in your cloud usage, helping you identify and eliminate wasteful spending before it becomes a problem.

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Real-time monitoring
Continuously track and monitor your cloud usage to quickly identify and address any anomalies in real-time.
Automatic alert system
Receive instant notifications when an anomaly is detected, so you can take action before it turns into a costly issue.
Root cause analysis
Utilize our advanced analytics tools to dig deeper and understand the underlying causes of any detected anomalies.


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Root cause Analysis

The detective you need to uncover the underlying reasons for unexpected cost spikes and prevent them from happening again.


Stay on top of every event happening in your cloud infrastructure, from cost spikes to resource allocation, with our real-time monitoring tool.

Real-time Monitoring

The pulse of your cloud spend. Stay informed of any unexpected incidents and take action immediately to prevent overspending. No more surprise bills - just peace of mind.

Say farewell to high cloud costs and hello to savings!

Tired of cloud costs that are sky-high? Economize to the rescue!

On average, users save 30% on their cloud bills and enjoy a reduction in engineering efforts. It's like finding money in your couch cushions, but better!

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