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Potential Savings

Get a detailed breakdown of your estimated cost savings for each recommendation, giving you a clear understanding of the potential impact on your bottom line.

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Measure the impact of your cost optimization efforts.

Estimated Cost Savings
Prioritize recommendations based on the expected savings and make informed decisions.
Real-time Updates
Get real-time updates on the estimated cost savings, allowing you to track your progress over time and adjust your implementation plan as needed.
Informed Decisions
Confidently take action to optimize your cloud costs, and make sure you are getting the most out of your investment.


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Recommendation Types

Your personal cost-saving concierge, providing tailored suggestions for optimizing your cloud costs.

Zombie Resources

Eliminate the draining costs of unused or forgotten resources by staying ahead of the game by regularly identifying and reviving or putting to rest, these "undead" expenses in your cloud budget. With real-time monitoring and automated recommendations, you can confidently slay the zombie threat and ensure your cloud spending is lean and efficient.

Usage-based recommendations

Whether it's optimizing your reserved instances or identifying underutilized resources, make the most out of your cloud spending.

Say farewell to high cloud costs and hello to savings!

Tired of cloud costs that are sky-high? Economize to the rescue!

On average, users save 30% on their cloud bills and enjoy a reduction in engineering efforts. It's like finding money in your couch cushions, but better!

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