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Easily dissect and analyze every aspect of your spending, from detailed breakdowns of your top resource costs to granular reporting on individual instances.

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Resource Cost Breakdown
Get a clear understanding of where your cloud costs are coming from with the ability to drill down into specific resources, such as instances, storage, and data transfer.
Instance Cost Analysis
Identify and address specific instances that are driving up your costs with granular reporting that allows you to view the costs associated with individual instances.
Cloud Budget Control
Make informed decisions about your cloud budget with the ability to analyze your costs and identify areas for cost optimization


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Cost Breakdown

Dive deep into the nitty-gritty of your expenses and gain insights on where your money is being spent. Get a clear and detailed breakdown of costs by service, resource, and tags, and make informed decisions to optimize your cloud spending.

Cost Comparison

Easily identify and track the expenses of specific services and resources within your larger cloud environment, making it simple to optimize and reduce overall costs.

Cost Timeline

Track your changes in cloud costs over time and address unexpected cost spikes in your spending. Gain the control and peace of mind you need and make informed decisions.

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