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GKE Autopilot Pricing Factors

GKE Autopilot pricing comprises of a flat fee of $0.10/hour for each Autopilot cluster post the free tier, plus the CPU, memory, and ephemeral storage resources requisitioned by the currently scheduled Pods. Importantly, you are not billed for system Pods, operating system overhead, unallocated space, or unscheduled Pods.

The pricing is as follows:

  • vCPU (virtual CPU): $0.0445/hour
  • Pod Memory: $0.0049225/hour
  • Ephemeral Storage: $0.0000548/hour

Note that all Autopilot resources are charged in 1-second increments, with no minimum duration.

Various types of Pods like General-Purpose Pods, Scale-Out Compute Class Pods, Balanced Compute Class Pods, and GPU Pods have different pricing, depending on their vCPU, Memory, and GPU requirements.

GKE Autopilot Pricing Table

Here's an illustrative table outlining GKE Autopilot pricing for different pod types based on regular, spot, and commitment pricing:

General-purpose Pods:

Scale-Out Compute Class Pods:

Balanced Compute Class Pods:

GPU Pods:

Note: Spot prices are subject to change up to once every 30 days, but they offer substantial discounts of 60-91% off of the corresponding regular price for CPU, memory, and GPU.
Last Updated
1st April 2023
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GKE Autopilot Pricing Factors
GKE Autopilot Pricing Table

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